Follow me to a quiet place where we can hang our heads down and cry
Show me every scar and every fear you keep hidden deep inside
It's true you only know someone in the dark, in the shadows of the night
And when the sun rises a few hours from now
We'll just be strangers in the early morning light

You look so good sitting on the couch in the pale glow of the TV
Everyone walking around, drinks flowing, but you're all I can see
Maybe I'll sit down next to you, and see what kind of thoughts are on your mind
Maybe we'll take a walk down whatever lonely sidewalks we can find

Something's out there darling, can't you hear its mellow cry
Shouting from the tops of buildings echoing across the midnight sky
Tonight let's forget you're a woman, cuz honey I ain't much of a man
We'll just be two lonely people getting lost in a tangled midnight dance

The morning came and you were gone
And all I had was the feeling that stuck around
So I finished off my beer and grabbed my coat before I headed onto town
The sheets all seemed so empty, the wind she hardly blew
The sun was shining much too bright
So I walked down that street like a stranger in the early morning light